Mobile F0001 ( Theme: Fruits )

We all love fruits. We all love colors.

When you combine these two ingredients, maybe the result will look like this. A colorful mobile.

The mobile can easily hang from ceiling and extend with ribbon or string or can be simply used as a wall hanging decoration.

This mobile contains 5 fruits (Pear – Watermelon – Cherry – Orange – Strawberry) and small leaves.
They are suspended from a wood ring.

Total length approx. 68 cm from wood hanger to the strawberry figure
Wood hanger 5 cm diameter
The big leaf has approx. 25 cm and the the biggest felt figure (the pear) has approx. 13 cm.

Very important note! Every toy in our store is intended as decoration only, not toy, and should be kept out of reach of tiny, little hands.

If you like our works but you need different toys or different colors to match the room design, please feel free to send us a message and tell us about your wish, and we will gladly design a toy or a mobile just for you.


Fruits_2016_F0001Fruits_2016_F0001 Fruits_2016_F0001 Fruits_2016_F0001 Fruits_2016_F0001 Fruits_2016_F0001 Fruits_2016_F0001See the item in our Etsy shop.

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