We have a very , but a very complex workflow.

We have a deal with a guy. He’s name is Peter pan. Every morning he has to fly to our window, and knock three times to wake us up. Sometimes he comes very early in the morning ( around 6:30 am) , sometimes he is too lazy and comes later in the afternoon (around 11 am).

Once we wake up, have a cup of coffee, we imagine, we have another coffee, we draw, then a coffee, we cut, and we realise there’s no more coffee.

…i am joking about the coffee but all the rest is true. We see and draw carefully every line. We cut with the precision of a super-scissors in the hands of a child. We sew everything by hand and make sure the toy lasts 250 years.

The next step requires the power of a second hand camera to take some very nice pictures.

Sooo, here we are at the last part of the making-of process and the most important and the most precious step.

We take some love from the happiest part of the heart, we give a kiss and tell the toy the secret of her mission: Always Bring A Smile On A Child’s Face.

Craft ‘n Toys Team

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